2020 Tackle Football & Cheer
Registration Closed Hope To See Everyone For Flag Football...
Cost is $150 per child

Hello all. Just a reminder BRYA will not be having a tackle and cheerleading teams this season. We waited as long as we could to see if we would get more signups, but only had enough kids to form a 5th/6th grade team with 18 kids. Our other two age groups only had 10 kids sign up in each group. We had plenty of cheerleaders sign up, but not enough players to fill up the teams. Also, the FYFL league we play in has delayed the start of their season until November due to COVID-19 which would not allow us to have access to a field to practice on. We did not get enough responses inquiring about trying to form a 5th/6th grade team of 12U players and go play with Greer in the Mauldin Rec league. As of last week, Greer and TR were in the process of starting to condition the players, so they might still be accepting registrations for FB and cheerleading. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process. We look forward to being back to normal in the spring and having a great Flag Football Season. Hope everyone stays healthy and safe.

Eric Clark

BRYA- President

please contact BRYAINFO@YAHOO.COM. Thank you.

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BRYA Mission Statement:
The mission of the Blue Ridge Youth Association (BRYA) is to promote youth sports in the community while encouraging teamwork, positive self-esteem, sportsmanship, respect for self and others, personal responsibility, and perseverance. While bearing in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill and the winning of games is secondary to the development of character and good citizenship.
BRYA Vision Statement
The vision of Blue Ridge Youth Association (BRYA) is to promote team sports within the Blue Ridge community providing an opportunity for players of all skill levels to develop to his or her fullest potential competing at the highest possible level while demonstrating exemplary teamwork, sportsmanship, and good character.
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Posted Jan 12, 2018


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