Registration are open at The Tiger Den ( Our Building)

Cost: $150 Registration (includes Jersey)

Hello all. Our last signup for football and cheerleading will be Tuesday July 14th from 6-730 at "The Tiger Den" (previously known as our building). Ages include Flag (up to 1st grade), 2G Tackle (1st-2nd graders), 4G Tackle (3rd-4th graders), and 6G Tackle (5th-6th graders). Please remember a copy of their birth certificate if they are signing up for football. There will be no payments accepted at this time. If you are unable to attend Tuesday, or have any other questions about football or cheerleading signups, please contact BRYAINFO@YAHOO.COM. Please share if you can. Thank you.
Eric Clark
4170 S. Blue Ridge Dr.

There are discounts for all Coaches so please send an email to if you are interested in coaching.


Football at the youth level is similar to other sports with regards to injury risk and intimidation. Yes, they are going to be running, hitting and tackling but with proper technique football can be enjoyed without injury.
Football is a game of team work, discipline, determination and dedication. It is very difficult for a young athlete to do well in football without putting in the necessary conditioning, practice and studying of the plays. The more a coach can motivate his players to perform at their best the greater chance of success the team will have.
Football, more than any other game requires all team members to be focused and to understand their responsibilities on every play.
The beauty of the game is that with hard work, discipline and determination a team can have a very rewarding season.
Our coaches at BRYA will spend ample time on all the elements of football and provide an experience that will teach your child about teamwork, discipline and hard work.
Every player on a youth football team should feel he is an important part of the team's success, even though they might not share the same abilities and talents.
"Football is an honest game.
It's true to life. It's a game about sharing.
Football is a team game. So is life."
-Joe Namath

"The principle is competing against yourself.
It's about self-improvement,
about being better than you were the day before".
-Steve Young